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What is Prismatic Awareness™?

Prismatic Awareness™ uses a faculty that exists in all of us to see the depth and breadth of Creation through matter. Through CMA, Master John Douglas educates spiritual aspirants about Prismatic Awareness™, giving us a foundation to explore and experience consciousness on levels never before realized on Earth.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Master John Douglas, he is a world-renowned theologian and spiritual teacher. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Master John is the world's foremost teacher of Prismatic Awareness™. CMA, through and with Master John, educates spiritual aspirants — newcomers as well as those who have attended CMA seminars and/or the advanced Elite Development Course offered annually at CMA's headquarters in Boone, NC — about Prismatic Awareness™ via in-person seminars, on-line streaming teleseminars, and by invoking angelic aid through meditative processes available for purchase on CMA's website and at CMA's live seminars.

Without Prismatic Awareness™, an anchored consciousness can have attention on only one point in all of the connections that exist in and between the true dimensions of our existence and the universe. Even when one transcends, permitting one's particles to become connected to all, the inner awareness faculty is only aware of one point; one thing in one moment.

Prismatic Awareness™ changes that. Deities, for example, are aware of all things in every moment. Through Prismatic Awareness™, we can become aware of multiple connections — dimensional doorways — that provide us with a divine depth of understanding and cosmic intelligence, the geometry of which reveals all truth.

Prismatic Awareness™ allow us to start to recognize the structure of all things. This includes the spiritual aspirant's being and existence in time and space, including the past, the present, and the future.

Just by way of example, to use Prismatic Awareness™ to become aware of six thousand points at once allows one to receive knowledge from every particle. Further, to be aware of twenty thousand points at once allows one to receive knowledge from every particle and to have the depth to go through every particle. With Prismatic Awareness™, one can start to look through. One can start to see every aspect of the moment, every aspect of the gem, every surface of the cut, from every direction.

Will you understand God's omnipotence and intelligence?

Not from one point.

Not from the educated mind.

Not from referencing magic on Earth.

Not from referencing Earthly things.

Instead, that understanding will flow from Prismatic Awareness™, from having every potential pathway open to receive awareness, and knowledge, and truth from every particle as one ascends into oneness.

The Prismatic Awareness™ directed prayer process — available as a CD or MP3 on CMA's website and at CMA's live, in-person seminars — is part of the teaching of Prismatic Awareness™. It is a one hour long, meditative process. There are three silent periods, two for fifteen minutes, and one for twenty.

It's for serious spiritual work only.

You can't do it while you're driving.

You can't do it while you're Instagramming.

You need to devote the time to develop Prismatic Awareness™.

Sit there, attend to the directed prayer process, like a meditation, and it will be an experience unlike any other.

Very, very powerful, of course, but different; very growing and very developmental.

To help with Prismatic Awareness™ and to understand how Geometric Patterning also fits into this, it is through Prismatic Awareness™ that one will see and understand the geometry of Nature better.

The Prismatic Awareness™ directed prayer process, along with the education and tools about Prismatic Awareness™ discussed at CMA's seminars and its Elite Development Course, takes one in, and then the geometry of all things becomes apparent.

For these reasons, the Geometric Patterning directed prayer process CD/MP3 works very well with and as part of Prismatic Awareness™.

Together, the two directed prayer processes are amazing.

To see and recognize the structure of the future period.

To see the geometry of what's coming.

To see it prismatically is unbelievable.

And one will be empowered by this.

The nature of all things has a geometry.

Everything that happens in time and space has a geometric design.

And from seeing these designs, one can glean cosmic truth.

If you would like to learn more about Master John's knowledge and tools, we invite you to visit and thoroughly review the CMA International Foundation website at While on the website, you may want to explore the Elite Development course, which you can do by clicking on Elite Course at the top of the home page. Also, please make sure to click the button to sign up for our free newsletter, the Divine Times, so that you will receive all the latest tour and event information.




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